• Help employers navigate the confusing world of Healthcare Reform

  • Payroll services resource to meet all the
    Affordable Care Act (ACA)
    reporting and compliance requirements.

  • Provide services to small and large employers to find affordable health care coverage for their employees

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Do you spend more time than you can afford trying to navigate the new Healthcare Reform policies which seem to change on a daily basis?


Let's be realistic here. The changes we have seen in group health insurance in just the last year have been monumental and daunting. Confusing policies which seem to change every time you look at them and carriers with more options than you ever imagined.

Allow EPR Insurance Services to shed light and navigate the dark waters of today's group insurance offerings. We can tailor a plan to best meet the  needs of your employees and help you maximize your business' bottom line.


ensures employees' loyalty, reduces turnover, while allowing employers to remain competitive in their own market/business

ALLOW EPR INSURANCE SERVICES to help you find the right benefit package for your company...